Create relationships not networks

The emergence of new online tools have led many professionals and businesses to use them without a clear goal behind and without having planned the way to achieve it. Today it seems that the most effective strategies to win/manage corporate reputation are those that involve the presence on social networks and online communities (and monitoring … Continue reading

Why reputation?

Currently, organizations are under an increasing pressure from its stakeholders to better respond to their needs and interests. This pressure can generate conflict within organizations in terms of reputation. Much of society agrees with the idea that development, construction and maintenance of a good reputation is important to all organizations, whether with or without profit. However, some … Continue reading

¿Está la empresa matando su propia estrategia?

No sé si alguno de vosotros, como yo, tiene la sensación de que hay un abuso de la palabra “estrategia”. Incluso un amigo, recién ascendido me comentaba: “Todo tiene que ser una estrategia en la organización, prácticamente se necesita una estrategia para ir a tomar un café”. La segunda cosa que destacó fue que, en realidad, … Continue reading